Azna- The Goddess With The Golden Sword

Gnostic Goddess, Azna is Mother God and Queen of the Universe.

We’ve known Her by many other names; Isis, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and more. She appears to us in so many guises, but it matters not what we call Her.

December 8th is Azna’s Feast Day and a perfect opportunity to recognize the feminine aspect of creation. This coincides with the Catholic celebration of the Immaculate Feast Day to honor Mother Mary.

Feast Days are wonderful ways for you and your family to give intentional appreciation to your personal Mother with a creative or symbolic meal.

Azna’s Feast Day is a great portal or opening in which we can access Her most easily. You can utilize this energy to release fears and difficulties, invoke healing and protection, or energize new creations.

Goddess Azna is said to be a powerful Interceptor, able to intervene with the physical and unseen worlds to protect or aid us!

Known for her Golden Sword, she will cut through any negativity surrounding you. She’s said to be fierce, fast and all we need to do is ask. Once you form the question, she responds!

Thank you to spiritual artist Christina Simonds for allowing me to use her gorgeous Azna piece! Please visit her site Souls Enlightenment .



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