Bring White To Black Friday- Medicine Of The White Buffalo Calf Woman

Honor Native American Heritage Month by remembering the Lakota’s central goddess figure the White Buffalo Calf Woman as you shop this Black Friday.

Comparable to compassionate goddesses like Quan Yin and Mother Mary, she alerts us to be gentle and aware for the season ahead.

White Buffalo Calf Woman is a steady and uplifting energy. She reminds us that winter is a chance to rest, retreat, or move along with care and grace.

Call upon her protective energy during your holiday travels and ask her to infuse compassion into all your encounters. Or stay home to avoid excessive consumerism.

She urges us to be easier on ourselves, retain a sense of humor and to purify our lives and our natural environment.

Like White Buffalos, she a sign of powerful energy clearing and promises changes to come.

Anyone can learn from her white earth -blanketing love and cleansing energies.

Meditate upon her and her resonating spiritual tools like calcite and snow quartz stones.

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Pillars of Priestessing Tool: White Buffalo Turquoise to honor the messenger of ceremony

Her stabilizing energies can connect to herbs like angelica and her namesake cannabis strain, White Buffalo which is said to reduce depression, stress, migraine, fatigue and even produce euphoria.

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