Lilith- Queen of Halloween

If you partake in the ritual of Halloween and trick-or-treating you can bring light and positivity to this spooky holiday by calling upon Lilith.

Also known as Queen of the fairies and the realm of imagination, Lilith isn’t just the original wife of Adam. She’s actually goddess of the underworld and a beautiful being of light who’s purpose is that of protection.

Ask for Lilith, with the aid of Mother and Father God’s love to bring safety to our children and all children on this sometimes dark and devilish night.

– light a candle to honor Lilith and her domicile of fairies, unicorns, dragons and more

– ask her to bless and purify the children’s treats

– ask for her to bestow the healing powers of imagination to our world

– request she keep all children safe from harm while traveling and celebrating

– connect with Lilith through the mysterious powers of labradorite



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