Morganite- Infuse Your Aura With Divine Love

Morganite carries with it the highest love vibration and is a stone of unconditional love, gentle grounding, and profound heart expansion!

It holds compassionate matriarchal energies like that of Quan Yin or Mother God. Use it to summon the Divine Mother, spirit guides, angels and other loving archetypes.

Natural Morganite with Immortal Perfume Sample

Natural morganite with Immortal perfume sample for deep heart opening

Keep Morganite within your aura and receive its emotional cleansing and heart healing. Besides attuning your heart chakra to divine love, it also connects you to your true self.

It’s hexagonal crystalline structure connects Morganite to the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life and to our divine blueprint.

Especially healing for the female reproductive system. It can promote fertility.

A Lithium containing stone like Pink Petalite and Lepidolite, can ease the mind and calm mania or hyperactivity.

Try using it in conjunction with other heart-cleansing tools like Pink Roses, Motherwort or Reishi mushrooms.

It’s with good reason that Morganite has become a popular engagement ring. It’s affordable, and is especially cheaper than alternatives like pink diamonds or pink sapphires.

Besides bringing you attunement to unconditional love it also encompasses the template of equality, bringing harmony to relationships.

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