Purify And Charge Your Aura With Rainbow Moonstone

Give yourself the rainbow treatment and harness the healing powers of Rainbow Moonstone to rejuvenate your auric field!

Keep rainbow stones within your energy field, in view or even, in mind, when unavailable. The rainbow energies will activate and keep a rainbow portal around you at your request.

Your rainbow bubble-field, comprised of your supercharged electrical emanations, is essential to your vitality, power, and protection.

Hold or meditate with Rainbow Moonstone to connect, cleanse, and charge your energy. Place them on specific chakras or directly onto desired body parts for healing.

It touches and clears your aura and chakras of past and current life issues. Also releasing emotions locked into the cells of the physical body.

By taking your light body seriously and allowing the Rainbow Codes to activate more of your higher self. You’ll gain access to more of your gifts and talents from the Akashic Records.

Besides attuning to your higher self, Rainbow rocks also connect you to the spirit world, especially angels, fairies, unicorns and other harmonious beings of creation.

Rainbow Moonstones are particularly helpful for lucid dreaming and astral travel. You’ll move through realms with greater ease and protection. Dreaming and synchronicities will become heightened.

It has a soothing effect on our emotions and will help you channel higher amounts of healing energies into your family and immediate environment.


Rainbow Moonstone Cosmic Gateway Stars for Rainbow Body activation and access to Higher Realms

As feminine and nurturing energy, Rainbow Moonstone is great for mothers, baby’s nursery, and kids rooms.

The feminine moon energetics are believed to aid in balancing hormones, alleviating pms and menopausal symptoms. It’s also a useful stone during pregnancy or nursing and for young women during their first menses.

It’s ideal for promoting happiness, meaning, or celebration. And will help balance out your masculine and feminine sides as well as creating emotional calm.

You can aid in healing the earth by directing the rainbow stones’ colorful rays directly into Gaia’s energy field and grid.

A great stone to use in conjunction with the Rainbow Goddess Iris and Archangels like Gabriel and Metatron. Request for them to share their knowledge of colored light codes and light communication.


Rainbow Magic Moonstone Necklaces for bringing your dreams to life

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