Serpentine- A Powerful Kundalini Stone

Supercharge your energy and gain unshakable strength with Serpentine!

Moving your Kundalini up and through your chakras, it clears and heals while unlocking gifts at each chakra point.

Your personal power will increase while a primal healing for your body and spirit takes place.

Serpentine and the corresponding kundalini energy will boost your creativity and potency while also enhancing your abilities to connect with nature and creation.

If you work or live under dangerous conditions its monoclinic crystal structure lends it strength and protective properties.
Due to its reptilian appearance, it’s long been used to protect against venomous creatures.

It triggers auric cleansing and cellular repairs. This regeneration of your cells and DNA clears ancestral issues linked to survival mode and self-worth.

It’s also said to aid the body in parasite removal and detoxification. While calcium and magnesium absorption are believed to be increased.

Serpentine has also been used to promote breast milk supply and to balance hormones. It eases pms and menopausal symptoms and discomfort.

This serpent energy can also be invoked for heart clearing and expansion. Deep sadness, regret, and other painful emotions are lifted.

Tumbled Serpentine 6_7 featured

Tumbled Serpentine for sexual healing and powerful kundalini awakening

As a portal to plant consciousness and the elemental world, including the fairy and dragon realms, Serpentine will amplify your ability to communicate with nature and the underworld realms.

Serpentine will thus enhance your love for all of nature including trees, plants, animals, insects and more.

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